How to prepare for a new addition to the family



So Aidan isn’t going to be the only baby anymore.
No… I haven’t changed my mind on the one and done thing…My sister is pregnant and since she literally lives next door there is definitely going to be “a new baby around”. A baby that will also spend the working day with my mom and with whom Aidan will need to learn to share toys and attention.

He is pretty excited (well as much as a one-year-old can be) about the baba…
My sister/His Godmother, who he is very close with, told him she has a baby in her tummy and he has taken to lifting people’s tops and asking if there are babies in there-AWKWARD!
I caught him sticking his bottle into his belly button to “feed the baby”  so as you can see it’s baby fever around here. (He is technically getting two boy cousins around the exact same time next year with his Godfather also having a son-I kid you not)

I’ve been concerned about him feeling replaced – We are a very close family and not being the only baby will certainly be felt…
So far  (to prepare him) we have been telling him a new baby is coming and I let him help me pack out some of his “old things” for the baby, which made him feel pretty grown up (okay he did start shoving all kinds of random things in the gift bag, chanting for baba for baba…but still, hehehe)
His crib went to the new baby, but we made sure to change the colour and theme of the new baby’s space and even had him “donate” a teddy for the baby’s crib while playing up the “big boy who sleeps in his own bed” thing.
I totally get that this is not the same as him getting a sibling, but the concern is still pretty real…



These are some of the tips I have received to help with the transition, it’s really for “big brother/sister” but with our living arrangements I think it should work just as well


 Get him involved in “helping out” bringing the bottle, handing a blanket and so forth

  Make a fuss of the “big brother” or in this case “big cousin” status-it’s an important job you know
– Spend one on one time (I think for this my sister and I should do a 15min trade up every now and again, he is so used to getting her full attention, going cold turkey will be hard – seriously her name was his first word)
– lavish him with love and stop worrying, hehehe (I know, I know)

Anyone have sibling tips that could translate for our situation?













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