Lessons from sleeping in a fort

Those who know my blog know that one-on-one time with Aidan is super important to me. It feels like he is just growing too fast and I want to ensure that special moments together are ingrained in his memory.

I think of growing up with my parents and the things that spring to mind are obstacle races through the park with my mom and DIY projects with my dad. I remember my mom teaching me to sew and knit(fail) and my dad coming from night shift to sit on the edge of my bed and find out what my day was like and tell me about his.

I want that for Aidan, a deep knowledge that his parents basically ” like having him around” love is often a given in parent child relationships (in my opinion anyway) like, is a little harder hehehe.
mostly because its not always easy to “like” tantrumy naggers … whaaaaat?! its true.

I have been really busy lately, extra shifts at the office, an influx of oh!boy orders (which I am super grateful for) and organising the EC blogger meetup with Luchae from Myspreadsheetbrain.

My time and mind have been occupied 24/7 and even when we went to CT it was visiting families and fielding questions about how I don’t look anything like I did as a kid.Then the weekend away there were seven kids between us so one on one time didnt happen.

I have noticed him acting out a little to get my attention. Talking like a baby and even expecting to be treated like one ( because Caleb gets alot of attention, being the little one I guess)
So last night when he was being a bit of a brat refusing to be cooperative in any way shape or form I decided to calm down, put down my work and build a fort.
He has a murphy bed (the ones that fold up) so it was easy to convert with nothing more than a fitted sheet. I climbed into bed with him and his eyes lit up.
“you dudu in my house with me?” I lay there listening to him tell me about his day and slowly drift off to sleep. And I felt so content.

His dad is awesome with bath and bed time when I’m drowning in projects but sometimes the projects need to come second.

Not only to him,to me too…I have been operating on coffee and energy drinks passing out (often still fully dressed) at 2am to wake up at 5am and get to the office. That’s not healthy.

The words “you can’t pour from an empty cup” keep running through my mind and that is exactly why I have asked my cousin to step in a bit more with orders…I can’t do everything and that’s okay…as long as I can still build a killer fort with a sheet and two hair ties I’m pretty much still my sons hero 🙂

Here’s too a successful year and a little me time

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  1. Heather says:

    Ah I am so glad that you did this with him and took time for the both of you.I think you will appreciate the Mogul Moms post tomorrow – they were big on looking after yourself.

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