Life lately: I have not gone missing

Anyone been missing me?

Let’s say (for the sake of my ego) you have been.
Well I’m still around, just avoiding the blogging realm due to all my feels…
Didn’t want to be a Debby downer (Is this offensive to Debbys?) But wanted to explain why I have been missing.

I told you about the diabetic diagnosis, clearly I didn’t just wake up and feel diabeticy that morning, the symptoms have been a long time coming…now I’m fighting side effects of medication because that’s what my stubborn body does…its all; NO I don’t need your help medication, infact let’s chose the least pleasant side effect on the list and fight back with that…my body chose tummy trouble and body aches…a nice – pmsy combo. Meanwhile we can’t get my iron over 4 – REALLY PAP TYRES.
I’m typing this while I wait for my Dr to tell me what to do with this feeling of “kill me now”
I don’t know if ohboy is going to be going for much longer, it’s become a bit of a solo operation and there is just not enough time in the day or energy in the Eleanor.

I’m freelance writing more now which is also taking up ohboy time but I need the extra cash because I’m a freelancer and being sick has equalled no work no pay.
It’s also equalled rifts in relationships because between my health, my finances and sharing a car with Rob… my get up and go, got up and left.
People aren’t too keen to always be hearing excuses as to why I can’t hang out…so I’m sending out big love to those who are sticking by me and not treating me awkwardly due to this.
Our #ECMeetup is taking place next weekend and I’m super excited. It is a bit of something to look forward to while life is feeling a little dreary.
Right now I’m working on my health and on possibly going back to a 9-5 (anyone got a job for me hmmmm) … I miss my husband and kid and the 24/7 life is exhausting, rewarding but exhausting…

Don’t worry I’ll be fine, I’m always fine but today I’m just gonna lay here and sulk a lil okay? Not too long just till day care ends 😊


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