The Curls Factory’s 6 Tips to Healthy Curls:

I don’t know a single human woman who doesn’t get super annoyed at their hair. Everyone I know has wanted to just shave it off, do some extreme treatment or buy a weeks worth of wigs. I often start wondering if relaxer isn’t the way to go, straighten this mess and see what happens…luckily for me I follow many local ladies with enviable curls who make me stick to my guns and stay away from the cream crack (relaxer)

One such local hair guru is Racquel from The Curls Factory her hair is incredible and she does really cool reviews. I asked her for tips for keeping my hair healthy and this is what she had to share

Racquel’s advice

These 6 tips have helped to me grow my hair waist length and keep my curls healthy. I personally swear by these 6 tips.

Tip 1: Acceptance

Accepting your curls is an important step, allowing yourself to accept and love your curls is liberating. Accepting what your curls can and cannot do will help you develop a hair care regime that is perfect for your hair. You are perfect and that means that your hair is perfect as well. Love your hair!

Tip 2: Avoid Heat

I know you have heard this, but it works. Not using heat on my hair has helped my hair to grow and remain healthy. Personally I use heat on my hair once a year, usually to do a length check. Avoiding heat prevents heat damage as well as hair breakage. I know it is not easy, but it works and your curls will thank you for it later.

Tip 3: Minimize Hair Tools

Eliminate using a rat tails comb as well as brushes with hard brissels. Both can cause your hair to break and that is not what we want while on our hair journey. On my journey, I only use a wide tooth comb when I am lazy and I don’t want to finger detangle my hair. I usually use my fingers to make a path in my hair as well as detangle. I cannot tell you when was the last time I used a brush on my hair. If you find that your front hair is always short – sorry to tell you but it is breaking. If your fringe isn’t growing, all that combing is breaking your front hair. I stopped using hair tools, and my hair has flourished.

Tip 4: Cleanse

I recommend cleansing your hair once a week. Curly hair can dry out, so once a week is good to cleanse/wash your hair. Use products that are safe for curly hair. Products that are sulphate free, paraben free, silicone free and have no mineral oil. Using the right cleansers on my curls and making sure my scalp is clean once a week helps me to maintain healthy curls. Your hair grows from your scalp, so a healthy clean scalp with grow healthy, strong curls.

Tip 5: Deep Condition

This step changed my life, yes my life. Before starting my hair journey almost five years ago, I would condition my hair and then rinse out the conditioner. When I learned that there was a step called deep conditioning I tried it out and my hair responded immediately. I try to deep condition for an hour every week. I apply a deep conditioner of my choice and leave it on for an hour. The results are soft, shiny manageable curls that are hydrated and strong.

Tip 6: Night Time Routine

I swear by a night time routine. Start by sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case or with a silk or satin scarf. Cotton dries out your hair. That is why you wake up with the front of your hair messed up, dry, and tangled. Dry hair also breaks, so not having a night time routine can also be a factor in why your hair is breaking. Having a night time routine, helps to preserve your curls and your hairstyle making your morning hair routine quick and easy. There is no need to re-do your hairstyle or Wash and Go every morning when you have a night time routine.

Check her out on the following channels, she is really awesome 🙂

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