Life Lately

I thought since October is practically over and November is looking at us like, “hey weren’t you just here” I would do a catch up post…

– Firstly this morning I woke up to a strange man tapping on my leg to get my attention. Dressed in a thick jacket and wool hat he kept my gaze as I physically recoiled in shock. He then held out his hand and asked for my train ticket because I had clearly fallen asleep on the train… AWKWARD!!! Not as awkward as the time I fell asleep on the train with a booklet I bought from organization promoting sign language and the person asking for my ticket woke me up and started signing to me.

– On the topic of awkward; yesterday in church the lady sitting behind us was wearing an eye patch and Aidan decided to loudly proclaim: “look mommy a pirate”. When I gently and quietly explained to him that the lady was injured he turns to her and tells her she should go to a doctor because the doctors fix you. He is usually in Sunday School but it was a special anniversary service so he was restlessly sitting with us and when I tapped his fingers for using the bibles and hymnals as building blocks he loudly in a silent church asks “why do you hurt me mommy, I’m so eina now”.  His antics were not missed and at a lunch after church (we quickly dropped him at my mom) people were asking for him and no less than four older members of the church (we have actually only been there for this year) came to us and reassured us that “children will be children” They all thought Aidan was energetic and busy (he kept singing Twinkle Little Star if he didn’t know the words of a song) but also pretty well behaved and sweet and did not come across as naughty. So there is that I guess 🙂 The service was just too long for him.

– I made my own cheese this weekend. It is the easiest and most delicious thing EVER!!! honestly all you do is strain Amasi (South African fermented milk that tastes like cottage cheese or plain yogurt) through a cheese cloth which is in a colander over bowl and leave to strain for about 12 hours then mix in your flavourings and you will love me forever (Thanks Carmen)

– I’m working on one or two Christmas products for Oh!Boykids so far it’s Santa sacks and personalised aprons, just want one more thing, hmmmm wish me luck

– I’ve been sick so my exercising is not going too well 🙁 I am eating better though so there is that!

– I made a graduation outfit for my son…it’s a princess and prince theme and I went the Afro prince route… why should moms of girls have all the fun 🙂

– Aidan is soooo messy these days honestly he lives on the naughty chair due to his need to just unpack, and throw out and make it look like I live with the Tasmanian devil

Have a great day all…thanks for the catch up  🙂

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