Random things that make me smile

Feeling a little bleugh so I thought I would make a list of things that make me smile…

          When someone angrily overtakes me and is stopped by a red light – hehehe

          When Rob and Aidan can be heard laughing and are simultaneously leaving me alone

          A really good cup of tea or coffee

          New underwear (I don’t know I just love new underwear)

          A freshly made up bed (actually anything not messy makes me smile as Aidan makes it a rarity)

          Cartoon sitcoms like American Dad and Family Guy

          Sangria in the summer and Gluwein  in winter

           A good silly laugh with friends… I LOVE TO LAUGH

          Stand Up comedy with my hubby

          Aidan being his witty self…a heart is two circles and a triangle mommy

          French Macaroonssss

          Pants that fit

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