Lil Punk: Kid’s fashion just got real funky real fast

Have you heard about Lil Punk?

Port Elizabeth just got a new kid’s wear brand and it’s flippen awesome

It’s functional and funky and it’s pretty obvious that the person behind Lil Punk is a mom.

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Jill Theunnissen started the business on small scale as Jill’s Stuff while on maternity leave. The premise back then was to make things for her sons  and sell whatever she had left over, so she could fund making more stuff for her sons.( I feel you sister)

Fast forward two years and this design graduate has quit her retail job and is looking after two sets of Lil Punks; her kids and and her business…

lil punk

Jill’s  new range has an urban feel, like if someone shrunk the cast of Empire and subtracted all the PG13 aspects.

Think graphic prints, relaxed fit and just enough edge to not have that cringy (why is that kid dressed like a grown up) feeling.

The stylish pieces are functional and “easy to wear” and are at home on the monkey bars and the family picnic. She insists that she only sells things she would put her kids in, which is a seal of confidence if I ever heard one.

With Aidan’s birthday coming up he will be wearing a Lil Punk creation and I can’t wait to show it off to you!!!

But first why not win yourself a lil , something something

by going to her facebook page HERE and do the like and share thing






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