A little 5th birthday update

When Aidan was born I used to do monthly updates. Then life happened and I stopped, settling for random updates on Instagram and Facebook instead.

But in celebration of his 5th birthday I thought I’d do an update like in those early days.

Pale skin, brown eyes and curls he refuses to cut.

A bit of a conundrum. He can talk your ear off or totally ignore you based on how you hit it off with him. He loves HARD so if you are in his heart you will get voice notes of I miss you (which I’m instructed to send) he will remember details about your interactions like … I like that lady because she doesn’t treat me like a baby, or that one is very kind. He is able to find the good in anyone…”I don’t like him, he is a bully and he is mean, but he is really good at colouring in”
He is a vegetarian (the only one on both sides of his immediate family)and very serious about it as eating animals would make the other animals sad. He loves recycling and reusing (hence his party this year) and he speaks about things like adoption and homosexuality in a way that shocks me as it’s not exactly things that come up everyday. “I know boys sometimes marry other boys, right, but I don’t know anyone with two daddies,that’s so strange” or “when a girl marries a girl will there be two poofy dresses?” Matter of fact and that’s it. He also says that Santa should have adopted, because as he sees it, all this gift giving to everyone is probably because him and Mrs Clause can’t have babies.
Honestly don’t know where he gets these things.
He speaks like a teenager it’s weird, because he speaks so fast I have to tell him to calm down, but when he does speak slowly, you will get something like… “You know the craft pens I’m not allowed to touch, well about that…” And he can’t tell you a joke (he goes around telling jokes btw) without adding, do you get it? Do you get it?

He was very socially awkward before and had/has sensory issues, it prompted me to speak to a OT and also a child phycologist because I feared he was on the autism spectrum. He isn’t. He does however have a gap in his development. The best the therapist could explain was that in many ways he was like a eight-year-old in a four-year-old’s body so he understands things a child of his age wouldn’t bother with, has a broad vocabulary and his observation skills rated off the charts, but he is still very much a baby so the world can get too much. We have worked on getting him to be more like a preschooler, so more mud and less math, more running and less tears because you can’t read like you feel you should be able to.His senses are also hightened so he needs time to “just be” with as little stimulation as possible, because people and things like noisy places can become too much for him. Luckily/unluckily both his parents can relate so downtime is not a problem.

Learning. He will tell you it’s his favorite thing. He watches “how to” shows on YouTube and asks so many questions. He is also never happy with face value so anyone we meet will get interviewed…from Drs and shopkeepers to mascots.

Sleeping and eating…this hasn’t changed since his flippen birth. He is such a night owl it messes with everyone’s lives because now he is cranky in the morning…I’m at my wit’s end

I’m so incredibly proud of the heart on this one. People often try to give me credit for his good hearted inquisitive nature but NOPE that’s all him. I got him like this and I’m extremely grateful.

4 thoughts on “A little 5th birthday update

  1. Amelia says:

    That’s one very special kid. <3 I love how well you know, understand and accommodate him. He's his own little person and you're doing so well in just letting him be that person. I can learn a LOT from you.

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