5 Things…tag you’re it

Inspired by one of my favourite South African bloggers, Catriona, over at http://catsimpressions.blogspot.com/ I'm going to join in on the "5 things movement" by sharing 5 things about myself; as if you guys don't already know more than you need to about me,lol…

1. I'M A MAJOR (BORDERING ON OCD) LISTER: Often when I feel overwhelmed by something in my life I need to write a list, whether it's a pro-and-con list, a to-do list or a budget, lists make me feel comfortable and in control.

2. GROWING UP I THOUGHT MY NAME WAS TOO GROWN-UP: I like my name now, but growing up I felt like my name was more suited a 85-year-old librarian than an artsy teen…I wanted to be something cuter like Angel or Candy (must say I prefer Eleanor or Ella now, it suites me)

3. I DON'T LIKE TAKING BATHS: Baths kinda freak me out, feels like I'm making Eleanor soup…bleugh…I shower because I don't like idea of laying in my own dirt and when I do bath I tend to shower before…weird I know

4. I'M PRETTY FRUGAL: I can't stand paying for things I could do/make myself. Don't get me wrong I LOVE shopping, but the DIY option is always my first option…

5. I TALK TO MYSELF ALLLLL THE TIME: Not out loud,but I speak to myself in my head a lot, full on conversations/monologues. In a way this is probably a paper less version of listing,but hey my insanity keeps me sane šŸ˜‰


Those are my five things, fellow blogger please join in šŸ™‚

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