I was chatting to my younger cousin this morning and teasing her that she’s lucky to have me to show her the ropes in life as my own life has been a big bowl of trial and error.
I’ve had so many embarrassing moments in my life I can make myself blush by recalling any number of instances, but I’m not ashamed.
 So what if  I had to learn the hard way that wasabi covered ginger looks a lot like salmon sashimi after a few cocktails,but does NOT taste the same…
that the hairdresser my friend suggested CAN NOT do “ethnic hair” as they think cutting curly hair with a razor is a good idea and that the hairdresser opposite the road is WAY TOO ETHNIC for me as she thinks the more petroleum jelly she uses the better.
 Quite a while ago I learnt that too much wine makes me sleepy and that a tipsy me has no qualms about putting her head down on bar tables and that barmen don’t appreciate it.
I’ve learnt that you need a back-up plan for money when you go abroad as having to ask the fashion editor of a leading magazine for a quick loan when your bank flags your cards as stolen will make you cringe every time  you see their magazine, hear their name . . . think of a bank
I’ve learnt that forgetting to shave your legs means you have to wear tights the whole day even though the sun is out and you look like you come from a strict religious cult on your way to becoming a “sister wife”.
 I’ve learnt that pregnancy can make you very gassy and that gassiness can make your tummy rumble really loudly at the worst times, even during a massage where it WILL interrupt the sounds of the ocean CD.
 I’ve learnt that I don’t always know the lyrics to the songs I choose to belt out.
 I now know that you need to watch your  canned beverage at a braai especially if it looks like the can being used as an ashtray and I’ve learnt that cream-soda does NOT go well with cigarette buds. I’ve learnt that those stick on bra’s can fall off while in the middle of an interview with the head of MAC SA and that it’s hard to keep your composure with silicone breasts floating loosely in your top…
 I’ve learnt so much in my life wayyyyy more than I’ve mentioned and everyday I learn more, that’s the fun thing about life, you don’t know what the day will bring  but as long as you see the lighter side of life you will always have a reason to smile

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