The significance of being a girl


So although we had our suspicions about the gender of our little one, we now have confirmation, IT’S A GIRL… This is significant because – I might have mentioned this before – After Logan’s death I struggled with the idea of me ever being a mom, I figured it would just not be on the cards for us.

That’s when I started having dreams…in one dream my grandmother who had passed away told me to be strong and that Logan was in the best care possible she also told me I was still needed on earth, in this same dream I was handed a little pink bundle of joy and was told that she was my baby.

That thought always stayed with me and  helped with the decision to try again because in my heart it felt like there was this “unclaimed child” just waiting for us. Then the doctor spoke to us about the chances of getting pregnant, the precautions, the medications needed and so on (turns out nothing was needed as God had other plans), and we prayed about it. I particularly prayed for God to reveal himself to me, I needed to know if being a mother was something God wanted for me and whether or not I had the “guts” to do it again.  That night I had a dream, Rob and I had chosen a baby name and I woke up with a girl’s name in my head, Mckenna (as far as I know, that name is new to me, seriously can’t think of where I heard it before) so naturally I turned to Google ;




How cool is it that a name meaning ASCEND came to me like that, it felt like  God was telling me not to be afraid and to rise upNow knowing that we are expecting a really a girl makes things THAT more special, it makes her LITERALLY a dream come true, I love my little Rainbow already





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