Live Love LAUGH

I love to laugh that’s just me, I think that’s something every1 who knows me knows. Sometimes it’s inappropriate like when Im eavesdropping on a conversation on the train (it gets boring sometimes ppl) and I burst out laughing at something someone has said and they look at me like, “that was not for your ears”. Sometimes I laugh alone cause I find the humour in the most arb things and not everyone gets me-my brother explained it as me being Frasier and them being Sunday morning cartoons, but mostly I laugh with friends and family.
Funny thing is, I hate my laugh, it’s a rather annoying snorting thing that happens, very ugly Betty! But my point is laughing is free (with my current bank balance, free is good) its really healthy read here for more on health aspects and it just seriously cheers you up.
I come from a family of inappropriate joke makers like my mom telling us that she sees the value in contraceptives when we act out or my dad  pushing over a display in the shop, making me think I did it and then laughing his head off.
My love of laughter means I fill my life with it as much as I can, I read witty books and watch stand-up comedy and sitcoms, I surround myself with funny people and I try to see the humour in everything.
I’m not saying I don’t take things seriously, sometimes things are just not funny, there is so much pain in the world that often tears seem like the only option.
Laughter does hold so much though it breaks barriers and makes friends so next time you feel down, smile a little, laugh a little. it pays to take yourself a little less seriously.

 (I try to,but  hey I’m still a work in progress)

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