Let your daughter be her own designer with PrettiYou

So I found out about this AWESOME website!!!
You know those dress up dolls most of us had as kids? the paper ones? and these days on apps? well imagine if you could design an outfit, dress a doll, and then order the clothes!!!
Well now you can, a PE based company (I’m a proud NMB girl) is doing just!
Recently my niece Taylor (almost 6) and I got to order an item from their site, it was so user friendly and felt way more like a game than an online shopping website. The clothes look amazing too, and you know what, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like you would expect customised things to.

screen shot of the site

I interviewed Mandy Berning, the brains behind this concept, and here is what she had to say
Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Mandy Berning.  I am a wife and mom of 2 daughters (Jamie 10 and Ella 6).  My ‘other’ field of work is Industrial Psychology.  I have owned and run a business called Equinox for 14 years – we do psychological testing and Training for corporate clients.   My husband also owns his own business.  So I guess you could say we are Entrepreneurial J.  PrettiYou is a nice blend of being a creative mom and an entrepreneur J
The PrettiYou family
Where does this super cool idea come from?
Last December a friend and I were chatting about how limited the clothing choices were for tween girls and how it seemed the clothes were too grown up for girls over 10.  We were also moaning at how often you finally found something you liked but then they were out of stock in the size you needed!  I joked about starting a little clothing business ……….. and that was the seed planted right there.  9 Months later, PrettiYou was born.
Where does your business name come from?
Every little girl is Special and Pretty and needs to be reminded of that – that they are beautiful being themselves.  PrettiYou says you are pretty everytime you say it – its a good reminder!
How did you involve the designer and what is her responsibility?
Ane is our Fashion Designer, she is young and full of fantastic ideas.  Her responsibility is to provide us with an ‘inspiration’, a theme for a range and once that is approved to design not only the clothing but also the prints and appliques that will be offered.  These are veto’d by hubby and myself and ofcourse Jamie and Ella (and their friends) J  as we go along, until we have a fabulous range.  The spring range is designed from the inspiration of a girls tea party – A teaparty where the sun shines warm on faces. Where the air is full of the scent of Jasmine and the the sounds of laughter and friendship. Where whimsical birds, bunnies, deer and  owls are invited guests; macaroons and chocolate cake is a given and all is right with the world!.  Our winter range (sneak peak) will be inspired by ‘Then Enchanted Forest’ J

Any plans of expanding?
We have actually already expanded into offering smaller sizes.  So we now have size options for 2 – 14 years. 
Lots of moms have approached me and asked if we would consider offering woman’s clothing with the same concept of designing your own.  Think its something we’ll look into next year (I know I love the clothing so much I have had them make a few things to my size!  Seems only fair to spread the joy J )
What are your dreams for your business?
I dream of it being something that brings a bit of joy to whoever comes into contact with us.  Anyone who goes online, who buys from us, receives a specially wrapped package or voucher from us, wears that special something from us that they designed themselves.  That it reminds lots of little girls of how special, unique and pretty they are.  One day when we ‘grow up’ it might even be a business our daughters (who are both very creative) might learn to run and enjoy. 
Where can people get hold of you?
Find us online at www.prettiyou.co.za.  On facebook at prettiyou and instagram #prettiyou.
PrettiYou: Its about designing your own girls clothing online.
We’ll make them and send them with love.


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