Marie Claire helps with a #

Marie Claire launched the “in her shoes campaign” yesterday and with it came the promise to donate R5 to St Anne’s Home in Woodstock, Cape Town for every person who posts the phrase and the hashtag; ‘I stand for women’ #MCInHerShoes.

The home which provides shelter, care and empowerment to destitute, abused and disadvantaged mothers and children is a very worthy cause and with the amount of # I see on a daily bases, Marie Claire is definitely putting their money where their mouth is.

The #MCInHerShoes campaign aims to encourage South Africans to stop and remember our role in bringing an end to gender-based violence.

 To stand up for ourselves and others in the face of it, and to bring attention to those in need when we see them.

The magazine which routinely brings us naked celebs in aid of honorable causes also invited 18 local male celebrities to take a stand  against gender-based violence and experience life in a woman’s shoes ‘literally” (Photographed by the amazing Steve Tanchel)

We needed a strong visual statement that embodied that violence against women is not just a female problem,’ says Marie Claire editor, Aspasia Karras. ‘It’s everyone’s problem. I am so proud of these men for taking a stand and walking in our shoes.’
Siv Ngesi, actor and comedian: ‘This campaign is inspiring. I want to tell other men, enough with this nonsense. We have to take a stand.’
Janez Vermeiren, TV personality: ‘My message to all men in South Africa is that it is time to man up. Violence against women is totally unacceptable.’
Gareth Cliff, radio and TV personality: ‘Men have to stop being assholes. Men have to start doing the right thing even when no one is looking.’

I know many people roll their eyes at “stunts” but I’m a little different, anytime people put their money where their mouths are, I’m game, like yes I rolled my eyes at random non funded no make-up selfies (you guys are missing the point, did you sms the number, hello did you read the rules) but I liked and commented on those who shared the sms number and donated… I also did the ice-bucket challenge and managed to raise money with it… so if boys in heels make people “stop, donate and listen” (Vanilla Ice Joke) then I’m all for hash-tagging the crap out of it 🙂  

*info from press release

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