Message from a wife of a cop

When in one day you hear about yet another police officer murdered and also see people complain about seeing a police officer stopping for lunch…it brings up feelings:

I’m the wife of a cop

A detective working in homicide if I’m going to be exact

But at the end of the day he is a police officer

You know those people  they call stupid on social media, the dumb baboons only running after a pay-cheque?

The ones with the audacity to take a lunch break when they should be making sure your new TV is protected.

My husband is one of those

I’ve seen his pay-cheque, it’s not something people would do much running after.

For putting their lives on the line and being on call to serve and protect, it’s really not impressive

Maybe that’s what makes them dumb baboons? I never think of cops as dumb though.

My husband spent two years at police college, a year as an intern and has taken way more self enrichment courses than I can keep track of – DNA analysis, child protection, narcotics, sexual offences, the list goes on.

He takes his work seriously, every death lays on his heart, there are no numbers to him, there are only individuals, with hopes and dreams and his passion is giving families closure.

You know how they are all stupid and don’t care about people and only care about themselves?

Those pathetic uneducated losers who make spelling mistakes and you laugh about because you can speak and write all 11 official languages fluently.

Well since my cop started his job he has been to memorial services of many of them, them who have been murdered and have committed  suicide, leaving grieving families.

Families who know all too well the feeling of being threatened and insulted and waiting up at night because their dumb illiterate baboon moms and dads and spouses are out there putting their lives on the line for a country that calls them dumb illiterate baboons.

Yes there are bad cops, there are bad everything as far as I know.

There are people who only work for a pay-cheque and not even that.

People who don’t give a damn about anything. Who don’t care that you feel violated and that all your hard earned things have been taken. Or worse you and your family injured.

I hate that too! I hate being looked at like I’m the bad guy, but this note is not for those idiots…

But for those cops who give their all and then some, for those who put in the time and the effort. The guys who get up and hope to make a difference, the ones who are so inundated with work but still they get up every day and try – can we just go a little easy on them

Can we think about the feelings and the families, it cant be easy to work for a pittance and have people call you names at every turn.

Think about your job, imagine if everyone told you, that they pay your salary, that you don’t deserve a lunch break and called you stupid

I know that people have had to deal with terrible cops, I know this. I have myself, I’ve left a police station fuming at the cops I have dealt with.

But I have also been angry at doctors and shop keepers and don’t now think every Dr and shop keeper is an idiot.

…honestly cops are damned if they do and damned if they don’t… so smile at a cop today, it might just make their day.

5 thoughts on “Message from a wife of a cop

  1. lameez says:

    You just make me feel so much better, im a cop wife too and I know exactly how you feel this is so true and said it out straight as it is.if people just knew how hard they try and hours,effort they put in or how we as family hav to sacrifice so much its really tough because of thier passion they hav for thier job and all support we give counts alot.I switch myself off nowadays when I hear things like that and just prayer

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