Mommy moment Monday: Revinia

Today’s mommy is one of my oldest and dearest friends, most people assume we are related as she’s younger than me, but we spent tons of time together growing up…We are kinda cousins by choice, hehe. One of those friends who comes over and all we do is watch YouTube with wine 🙂
I also happen to be Godmother to her beautiful daughter, Zoey

Who are you:
I am the mum of a very busy 4 year old little girl named Zoey,manager of a retail store and wife.

Tell us of a time that your kiddo made you cringe:
We were at a funeral and while the coffin is being lowered and everyone is crying and feeling highly emotional she starts singing Ushers` song “I don’t mind” and dances like its a party.

Tell us about the time you felt like you were winning at the mommy thing:
After doing weeks of nursery rhymes and counting and colours with her I thought I should just giv up like this child not getting it,then when friends came over she put on a show saying all the nursery rhymes and counting I felt so proud

How motherhood changed you:
 I think its changed me and my perspective on life in so many ways but to name one its made me more accepting to changes I used to be very rigid and steadfast in my ways,but with a kid nothing is ever set in stone you must be flexible.

What do you wish you knew before becoming a mom:
.I wish I knew that it doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are there will be curve balls and you must learn to wing certain things as they come,and as much as you read up you will make mistakes,just learn from them.

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