Chicken pie for the soul

You know how I like to do calorie conscious good for you meals on a Friday? Ja, this is not one of those, it’s hearty and delicious and much better for your mental well being than for your thighs, But every now and again we need to say, Banting for what? Calorie Counting for who? Steamed Broccoli for when? hehehe YUMMMM for me thanks…

The recipe is brought to you by a great girl I know (since way back in my student days) who is never in a bad mood, as in ever! Mandy Abrahams…here’s hoping I can twist your arm for more recipes…. You can even order from her if you are this side of the world on a Friday as she’s into PR but really into cooking.


The plan is to serve  a“Winter Warmer”  to assist with keeping the chills at bay J
 Homemade Chicken Pie (A creamy chicken stew loaded with carrots and mushrooms, baked inside a flaky crust… it’s comfort in a bowl)

Homemade chicken  pie:
2 x onions (finely chopped)
4 x chicken breasts (steamed and shredded)
1 x punnet mushrooms
4 x large carrots (chopped up chunky)
500 g frozen peas
1 pckt chicken or mushroom soup
2 tblsp mrs balls chutney
2 tsp Robertsons Chicken Spice
250ml fresh cream
2pckt todays or pennywise puff pastry
1.       Steam chicken breasts in 500ml water and 2tsp Robertsons chicken spice
2.       Preheat oven to 180 degrees
3.       Roll out 1 x pastry (not too thin) and layer over the bottom of a greased, oven proof dish.
4.       In a pot, fry your onions in 1 tblsp olive oil until the onion starts getting translucent.
5.       Add carrots and let it cook for 3 – 4 mins.
6.       Add your already steamed and shredded chicken breasts.
7.       Add salt and pepper to taste (you could also use Robertsons chicken spice instead of salt) and 125ml water and simmer until it forms a nice gravy
8.       Add mushrooms and simmer 1 -2 mins
9.       Add Mrs Balls Chutney and simmer 1 -2 mins
10.   Mix chicken or mushroom soup together with cream, add to stew and let simmer until thick gravy forms.
11.   Let cool then pour into pastry covered dish.
12.   Roll out the other pastry (again not too thin), cut off overlap of pastry and press together top and bottom pastry with your fingers or you could use a fork.
13.   Brush top of pie with some egg and pop into the oven and bake for 30 mins or until brown.
14.   Serve with a green salad  

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