Motherhood it good for my self-esteem

Kids, I find, are great for your self-esteem…my one especially


He thinks I’m an awesome writer:

I wrote him a story and now he insists I tell it to him every night… Then I get,”nice mama, again” 🙂

He thinks I sing really well:

“Mama we sing”… he has even told other people to shhhh so mama can sing

He thinks I make a great cup of tea:

num num tea  …. tanku

He thinks I’m a fantastic crafter:

WOW, mama pwetty

He thinks I can heal hurt with a hug and a kiss:

Kissy “einana” mama

He thinks I’m a Superhero:

He can do anything as long as I’m holding his hand or he can at least see me

He thinks I’m a snazzy dresser:

says nice or pwetty if he like’s what I’m wearing

He doesn’t mind my scars:

lifts my top so he can snuggle on my tummy when watching tv

– He showers me with butterfly kisses and hugs me when I’m sad and always (well nearly always, lets just say often)  appologises for being naughty, with a snuggly hug..


This kid thinks I’m awesome and when I am with him, I do kinda feel pretty awesome

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