One month since happiness

Letter to Logan:

We miss you angel, today you would have been one month old, so it’s officially a month of cuddling and care we never got to give you πŸ™
You were born too early so that time would have been spent in hospital, but we wouldn’t have minded, I can imagine how sick the nurses would have gotten of Mommy and Daddy cause we would never want to leave your side, and you know Granma would have been there all the time too.
You really stole her heart little one, just yesterday she told me about how you winked at her in NICU, too precious for words.
Daddy told me they couldn’t hear your heart before you were born, doctors gave up hope, but you showed them. You might have only stuck around for a day, but it was much more than anyone expected.
Daddy is really proud of you, calls you his little fighter, and I agree. They say you had bleeding on the brain, I can just imagine how Eina that must have been my sweet boy. But you stuck it out, believe me, knowing that will change my outlook on headaches.
I’m so glad you not in pain anymore baba, me and daddy are both glad, we only wanted the best for you and having you out of pain is best. I imagine you in heaven playing with the angels, bringing them as much joy as you did us.
Don’t be sad when you see me cry baby, I know it seems like that is all I do these days, its just because I miss you and I have all this love stored up that I was supposed to give you here on earth , I think it’s coming out as tears now, but don’t be sad, I understand you had to go,your time on earth was through (but between us boy, I m still angry you had to go, not angry with you, hun, never angry at you, angry in general I guess)
Its been a month now and I think the people who say time heals wounds might be wrong because every day I miss you a little more.
Daddy and I talk about you all the time and hope that one day we will be blessed with siblings for you and that they will have the same fighting spirit you have.
We love you angel boy, always and forever.

Love Mom and Dad

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