Our Faithful to Nature haul and a chance to win a R1000 voucher

I was recently introduced to Faithful to Nature, an online store no one told me about because they assumed my chia and organic coconut loving self must have known about it.

Faithful to Nature is an online store that sells natural and organic products and even checks every product to make sure it is as green and safe as the manufacturers claim.

faithful to nature

I was recently given a voucher from them to go wild in their store and test out some of their products YEAH ME!!! I decided to let the boys in on the fun and these are our top pics…Three from each of us with a YouTube video at the end of our complete haul.

Check out what we liked, then enter the competition (by subscribing to the faithful to nature newsletter) and you stand in line to win a R1000 voucher from the store. Each entry gets you an R100 discount , BONUS!

Also if you check out the faithful to nature FB page, tweet or subscribe to our YouTube channel you get another entry into the competition. My Pleasure…

Also click on the product to go through to the site:

My picks

Pure Simple Shea Butter

I love this stuff, I am big on anything that has a multitude of uses! This fragrance free shea butter can be used on your hair and on your skin. I use it as a all natural moisturiser for Aidan and on his hair (mixed with coconut oil). It’s even good on lips and for my afro.



Take It Easy Lozenges to Help Ease Anxiety

My anxiety levels have been rather high lately and these seem to help. It’s basically an all natural “sweet” that calms you the f down. It doesn’t make you drowzy at all and I am quite a fan.


Good Life – Organic Carob Chai

This is very different from your everyday chai, made from organic Carob pods, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic cardamon, there is a definite earthy flavour to it. I really like it though, I add some to my milk and it is awesome for those cold evenings.



Herbalicious Organic Gift Set

The Good Life herbs smell and taste amazing and buying the gift set proves to be a bargain as they sell for R25 to R35 each. You can tell that these herbs are not big factory produced there is a small batch attention to detail that I appreciate. It adds awesome rustic flavor to dishes and Rob loves them…I’m told we are buying the full range next, haha


Just Pure Mens Trial Kit

The trial kit from the Just Pure range included five travel-sized products, this includes a facial wash, sandalwood soap, shaving oil, toning facial spray and soothing aftershave balm, all with natural masculine fragrances like frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh. Rob loves it. His sensitive skin means he can’t use just any brand so he usually tries out the trial sizes. He loves it though a definite repurchase.

(currently on special R195)

Sing Fefur Sceletium with Rosemary Tea

This tea with it’s organic botanicals work to fight stress and anxiety while boosting brain function and circulation. Working as a homicide investigator can be pretty stressful so I decided to get this for him as a bit of a pick me up. He initially said the rosemary made it feel like he was drinking really thin soap but it has grown on him (and me) as a end of day drink.




Play, Draw and Create

I got Aidan this  marine-themed kids’ play set , it came with 45 magnetic ocean-inspired play pieces and 5 colourful magic markers for the write-and wipe pages. I am OBSESSED!!! with this thing. It folds up into its own little carrier case. I will be sharing a review from Aidan on this. It is really so cool to keep him busy. He can make a little aquarium and fill in tasks, it has been a hit. They have various themes but we went for the ocean one.


Mr. GoodSpoon – Organic Superfood Blend for Kids

This has been a lifesaver for our little vegetarian who doesn’t really eat veggies. Getting things with good nutritional value in him is a flippen PAIN! I have started sneaking this into his food like into this waffle recipe…it works a charm


Pure Indigenous African Night Blend

This oil (which you can use in your bath, as a massage oil or a few drops on your pillow) is a loving combination of Cape chamomile and snowbush, with geranium and helichrysum oils. All are known for their ability to soothe stress and promote better sleep. I can’t tell you with 100% certainty that it works BUT I really like to think so because Aidan has been a little calmer at bath time.


All in all the site it simple to use and they are really efficient…see below for the full haul


16 thoughts on “Our Faithful to Nature haul and a chance to win a R1000 voucher

  1. michaela says:

    Ooo. This would be awesome, that play set Aidan chose looks like so much fun and ofcourse the products from Faithful to Nature would help me stay on track with Banting (which i just started …again LOL) .

  2. Anusha Naidoo says:

    A great review , I love the range of Products available by Faithful to Nature . This is a fantastic giveaway thank you for the opportunity to win.

  3. Salma Abrahams says:

    Visited the page products look awesome, im pretty sure I will be getting a few soon lol, especially the Shea Butter, im a big fan of Shea Butter and Coconut oil. Fingers crossed

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