Our new fav seafood place : Fish Finder

So I’ve decided to go back to sharing some of our favourite eateries and recipes on the blog because #foodislife in the Meyers household.

Our first review in a while is of Fish Finder in Buffelsfontein Rd Port Elizabeth. Because I’m pretty sure we found the best seafood this side of the ocean…

*In the interest of transparency I need to firstly say that they comped our meal, but didn’t ask for a blog post so if I hated it I would have just swiftly moved on… #realtalk

Here is my views on Fish Finder based on four different aspects

1. Decor and vibe

Fish Finder has a beach house vibe. White washed and dark wood furnishings and a lot of beachy parephenalia. The atmosphere is relaxed and very family friendly although they don’t have a kiddies play area just yet (I’m told that it is in the pipeline)

2. Service

The staff is helpful and friendly. I always make a note of how staff interact with other patrons, not just me, cause often they are told to be nice to the media (true story). But these guys are really nice and helpful and weirdly all look like extras on the Disney Channel.

3. Food

Omw I ate soooo much! Like I’m not a big eater (don’t let the size of my behind tell you otherwise) but it just all tasted soooo good. Also their portion sizes are crazy! We shared a platter for two and ordered extra chips and mushy peas because, yum… But we regretted the additions because woah were we ever full…. It’s just so moreish… Get in my faceish… As you can see I use proper foodie language. But yes it was so good, I messaged my bestie from the venue to say I found our next double date venue…. Get the prawns guys, get the prawns. Also their house dessert wine – just get a bottle and thank me later. Also deep fried bar-one is a thing.

4. Price

It’s not Macdonalds drive through prices, and you could get cheaper fish and chips if you tried. But the food is so good you won’t be sorry. It’s on par with other seafood restaurant prices around the Bay but the menu is no jokes my fave seafood at the moment.

— have you been to Fish Finder Port Elizabeth? What’s is your favourite seafood place?

One thought on “Our new fav seafood place : Fish Finder

  1. Lauren Hewitt says:

    We love fish finders, it’s our go to fish place, and I swear after every pre-natal class we’d stop and grab a take away on the way home. There may be no play ground but my aidan loves playing hop scotch on their path stepping stones.

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