Extra long box braids at home

My sister recently diy’d some extra long box braids and I thought it was pretty cool… Her technique intrigued me so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

These extra long box braids were done using the run of the mill hair fibre, not jumbo length at all.

Tips from my sister for doing extra long box braids at home.

– tip 1… Bribe your mom/sister/friend/cousin to help

– tip 2… Use Frika hot fibre a brand of hair that seals when you dip it in boiling water, it makes the final look much more “finished”

– tip 3… Hair fibre comes folded in the middle, for extra long length styles, unfold it and instead fold it at one end (don’t judge my drawing skills, it’s for illustration purposes only)

– tip 4… Lightly blow dry your hair for sleeker paths (personally I don’t do this I just let my hair air dry, and use gel to sleek things down)

– tip 5… Use your preferred braiding technique. My sister does the loop over a section of hair and braid tightly method for her extra long box braids. I do the elastic band method for my jumbo braids because I do it solo and the elastic band method makes it so much easier

-tip 6…Find a series to distract you and braid untill you regret your decision to put in fibre, then continue untill you feel super cute.

-tip 7… To make your hard work worth it sleep with a scarf and use braid spray for itching and added moisture

Additional tips… My sister does not do this but I like to put some Shea butter on my hair before braiding. It helps with the protective part of protective styling. I also use decorative clips to hide hair that “escapes from braids”

– I’d love to share your styling tips so just drop me a line and we can chat

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