Out and About: Wine and Brandy tasting

brandy and lindt, lots of it

I often get invites to fun events around the city (perks of the job) and last night was one of those. Rob and I were invited to a wine and brandy tasting hosted by the PE wine and food society. We had a blast, the club is full of amazing people (love hanging out with older crowd because they have so much to share and teach) and boy did I learn a few things, like:

1. When they say tasting, taste, don’t drink (The husband learnt that the hard way)
2. I have a tiny nose so the bringing the glass under my chin to smell, is super pointless
3. A meal of six tiny courses, is much more my style than Robs
4. A hotel that looks like a cruise ship is a brilliant idea
5. People think Rob and I are a bad combo for a conversation (say anything wrong, he could arrest you and I could report on it)
6. I don’t care which Lindt choc goes with which brandy, as long as it goes in my mouth.
7. I’m willing to challenge my slight lactose intolerance on good cheese
8. Brandy and shoes often sell for same price
9.  I prefer shoes
10. Sometimes, I love my job, lol

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