A much needed long weekend…in pics

So on my long weekend I: 

…Ate carbs, I know people don’t eat carbs any more so here is a picture of carbs for those of you who forgot :p

….gave in to the fact that for now I am the mother of a fruitarian (For the love of protein eat something else kid!!!)

….took Aidy to Fruit and Veg where he could pick out his own fruit…naartjies are still a firm favourite

….watched Aidy ask random people to open a bottle of water for him in store

…apparently adopted a cat because my sister’s obsession with strays seems to have rubbed off on my son

…hung out at funky frogs 
….thanked goodness for Borca Lorca , which meant I could eat proper grown up food while Aidy played
….Spent time with my Monkey and was reminded how lucky I am to be his mom

Have a good week all 🙂

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