Party with Amber

Very excited to share another party with you guys!
Susan is a crafty mom (I know because the first time we chatted, she was reaching out about  craft supplies) who is generously allowing us to take a peek at her daughter’s second birthday party… here goes.

I looooooooooooooovvve all the little touches!!!

Name and age of birthday girl 
Amber celebrated her 2nd birthday on 20 Feb 2016

How did you decide on theme?
From very small Amber seemed to be able to identify and make the sounds of all farm animals, and were the first ones she was able to verbally name. It seemed fitting to make this her party theme as she so easily and enthusiastically identified with them.

DIY or shop bought?
A bit of both. I tried to do as much by myself as humanly possibly, but I draw the line at themed serviettes, paper plates and bunting! We held it at our house and I arranged all activities myself. I also made the party packs, birthday cake and cupcakes (with some help).

Any behind the scenes blunders?
Thankfully nothing…that I’m aware of at least.

 What was best part of the day? 
Watching all the kiddies have a good time and enjoying the activities I was stressing myself out over. Also the compliments I received from the other mom’s made all the hard work so worthwhile, as it clearly didn’t go unnoticed and was appreciated by all

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