DIY Party Planning Ideas

Birthday party planning is the order of the day in our house

Aidan is in full planning mode and I feel like this time around it might not be a bust…like when the venue forgot about us or when he got so sick he had to leave his own party.

This time around Aidan want’s to have a joint party with Caleb (This works for me, money saving FTW) It is apparently going to be a PJ Mask party, they will each have a cake… Aidan’s will be Cat boy and Caleb’s will be Gecko. He then wanted me to find a girl to join in on their party, like perhaps his cousin who he says wont mind having another birthday party.

The party will have bubbles, piñatas and whistles that go *prrr prrr* he will also have loads of balloons.

Not bad planning  for a three year old…

If you are planning a party and don’t have a pint sized party planner…here are some parties I have featured in the past, which could help you out:

Why not try something quirky like an adventure time party 


A teddy bear’s picnic is sweet and casual


Mickey Mouse party is a childhood must


Which little one can resist a farm yard party 


If you want something different yet classic, channel Dr Seuss 

A rainbow party is always a winner

Why not try out a pirate party?

Do you have party planning ideas you would like to share with us?

I am considering bringing back the series so comment below and I will feature your kids special day 🙂


6 thoughts on “DIY Party Planning Ideas

  1. Lauren Hewitt says:

    I’m currently planning my Aidan’s 2nd birthday (3 months to go!) I’m super excited about our theme this year, his personality is coming out and this one is all Aidan <3. Looking forward to seeing Your Aidan's party 🙂

  2. Nikita says:

    Bella’s 3rd birthday party is coming up in August. The planning is extensive Having a blast doing it though. SIT for the win! Unusually for me the cake has not been decided upon yet. So many good ideas to match her Paw Patrol theme.

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