We were Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas party newbies

Uncle Jumbo’s is a yearly Christmas party that has been going since I was little. Even so, this was the first time I attended so Aidan and I essentially experienced the whole thing together.


Uncle Jumbo, Noddy and his friends from Toyland put on a show, along with Father Christmas, Tinkerbell, a marching band, and numerous other characters. here is what we thought about it with tips for the Newbies like us…

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Party with Amber

Very excited to share another party with you guys!
Susan is a crafty mom (I know because the first time we chatted, she was reaching out about  craft supplies) who is generously allowing us to take a peek at her daughter’s second birthday party… here goes.

I looooooooooooooovvve all the little touches!!!

Name and age of birthday girl 
Amber celebrated her 2nd birthday on 20 Feb 2016

How did you decide on theme?
From very small Amber seemed to be able to identify and make the sounds of all farm animals, and were the first ones she was able to verbally name. It seemed fitting to make this her party theme as she so easily and enthusiastically identified with them.

DIY or shop bought?
A bit of both. I tried to do as much by myself as humanly possibly, but I draw the line at themed serviettes, paper plates and bunting! We held it at our house and I arranged all activities myself. I also made the party packs, birthday cake and cupcakes (with some help).

Any behind the scenes blunders?
Thankfully nothing…that I’m aware of at least.

 What was best part of the day? 
Watching all the kiddies have a good time and enjoying the activities I was stressing myself out over. Also the compliments I received from the other mom’s made all the hard work so worthwhile, as it clearly didn’t go unnoticed and was appreciated by all

Party with Emma

So yes I am pretty much still obsessed with kids parties 🙂
Last week I featured Finn’s Adventure time party and this time I feature the daughter of friends and colleagues, Michael and Kathryn. Emma is ridiculously cute!!! and her mom pressed the x100 button on the cuteness with her DIY teddy bear picnic… just have a look

1.       Name and age of birthday girl 
Emma Kimberley turned one on 8 December.

2.       How did you decide on a theme?
I actually chopped and changed a few times, lol. First it was Beatrix Potter, then Alice in Wonderland, and then after stalking Pintrest I decided on a teddy bear’s picnic. I figured they are still so little (don’t tell my big girl I said that), that it would be nice to sit on picnic blankets and make a royal mess with the food. A theme like Alice in Wonderland will be better appreciated when she is a little older and understands the story.
Everything that I found on Pintrest to do with this theme was quite boyish though so that was the biggest challenge. I managed, after going to quite a few material shops, to find pink picnic material, which obviously set the theme. I then added pink and white balloons, and begged, borrowed and stole picnic baskets and old fashioned teddies from friends and family.

3.       DIY or shop bought?
I am proud to say I made almost all the décor myself. Being a working mom, I would sit at night after Emma had gone to bed to get the goodies done. I made teddy bear masks because “if you go into the woods today, you better go in disguise”, signs that said “do not feed the bears” or “this way to a teddy bears picnic”. My mom, who is very arty, helped me draw bear paw prints with chalk along the walk way and I made the invites. I went to an arts and crafts shop where they cut out teddy bear shapes for me. I then printed the wording on the bear and added bows on the ears and a cute bear tail at the back.
Food wise, Ginger Pops did an incredible job with the cake, biscuits and cake pops. I made heart shaped sandwiches for the little ones. I added a drop of pink food colouring to the cottage cheese filling and then put a ribbon around them. Looked gorgeous. We did picnic food, so mini burgers, mini hot dogs, mini corn on the cob etc. I also made pink jelly in little jars and covered the lids with picnic material, so simple, yet so effective. Most of my crafts, such as tiny picnic baskets for the gift packs, I got from JA Florals. I then bought lucern from a horse feed shop and was luckily able to resell it.

4.       Any behind the scenes blunders?
It was extremely windy so the lanterns kept blowing down and we ended up not being able to use them. In the rush to get done I also forgot to put out some food, like the watermelon.

5.       What was best part of the day?
Seeing Emma’s face when everyone sang happy birthday. It was at that point where she realized, this is all for me.

Party with Finn

So after featuring my nieces birthday party HERE I remembered that I am besotted with kid’s birthday party decor. Honestly people I LOVE IT!!! So I asked around if people would be willing to share their party pics and got a great response. SO YES!!! Def a new series on the blog 🙂 Please be in touch if you are willing to let us spy on your party 🙂

My first featured party is that of the gorgeous little Finn.
Jill who you might remember from the WAHM feature Jill’s Stuff , shared her youngest son’s (she has two curly haired cherubs one with dark hair and one with blonde, both with too much cute) party pics with us and answered a few questions.

1.       Name and age of birthday boy
This was Finn’s 1st birthday party

2.       How did you decide on theme?
We chose the name Finn from one of our favourite animated series on Cartoon network, Adventure Time. It also helps that Finn means blonde haired warrior and that he happens to be blonde! So naturally his 1st birthday theme would be adventure time.

3.       DIY or shop bought?
Everything had to be made as there was no adventure time party supplies available in stores or online. I bought a printable package on etsy and had everything printed and then assembled with the help of my mom. Our fingers were sore from from all the cutting and pasting! I also found really cute plastic containers at mambos.

4.       Any behind the scenes blunders?
None really, we had an early party 10am as my boys have nap times around 1pm, so the only real blunder was that it was raining in the morning when the jumping castle and soft play area was delivered, but it cleared up in an hour.

5.       What was best part of the day?
Having all our family and friends together to celebrate our Finny’s birthday. He had so much fun and loved all the attention.