Pics to hold on to when the tantrums hit

Aidan was so exhausting this weekend…Omw the terrible twos are hitting so hard!!! He just moans about every little thing – it’s infuriating!!!
I don’t want that cup, I don’t like that juice,   I don’t want to sleep , I don’t want to bath,  I want to cry ahhhhhh. … but other times he is sweet and I chose to share those pics instead πŸ™‚

Self portrait out of play dough – he looks like humpty dumpty
some love
Aidan tracing letters
he only wants to do A’s
Caleb hung out with us the weekend
Caleb is so gansta
Here they are attempting a obstacle course
obstacle course
They did some crafting
messy crafting
messy messy
caleb playing dr
answering the phone
the “non messy paint” thing didn’t go down too well with them
caleb wrote on my floor

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