Picture my weekend…in reverse…

Yesterday I got to photograph this stunning girl
These are not official pics, I just took these with my phone for reference πŸ™‚
The best thing about Stephane is that although it’s pretty obvious that she is beautiful, funny and smart are the actual first two attributes you think of after spending time with her….

My little assistant…One of these days I’m going to have to get him a camera too..

Speaking about assisting, this is him helping me make some Herb Wraps…
Click HERE for the recipe you will not be sorry
It’s a four ingredient wonder, and a toddler in a dishcloth is not one of the ingredients-more optional extra

My “no shoes thanx” kid finally found shoes he LOVES and wants to wear all the time…
unfortunately it is a pair of wellingtons just in time for Spring
Saturday night was games night with my cousins πŸ™‚ 

But before that, we did some redecorating….THIS is the proper way to use child labour…whahahahaha

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