Playdough ideas: from chocolate to flu fighting



By now you know our playdough obsession. Its bad guys real bad guys it’s definitely  “our thing”

In the last two years since I learnt How To make Playdough , I have been tweaking the recipe to get many awesome results.

Here are our favourites:

  1. Sinus saving playdough

When Aidan gets the sniffles (which is way more often than I care to admit) I use the basic recipe and add a few drops of kid safe essential oils. My favourite is…. But any could do. I got this at Dischem – if I remember correctly – it was not cheap but it was worth it. The drops themselves can be used on clothes, on a favourite teddy who is in bed with your child or you could rub a little on his/her chest.

  1. Glitter playdough

This one is always a winner, especially as a gift. All I do is add some glitter to the basic recipe. Don’t worry the glitter gets stuck in the dough so there is no glitter vacuum emergencies – well there has not been yet. I use the basic craft glitter that you buy in those shaker things because Aidan has never been the taste test kind of kid, BUT if you want to be super safe use edible glitter from the baking section.

  1. Chocolate playdough

Start with the basic recipe, but omit the food colouring. Then add a heaped spoon of cocoa powder (not to be confused with hot chocolate mix)  and a few drops of vanilla essence this could make dough a little dry so add water a little at a time until you are happy with the consistency. This smells amazing! It makes a great Easter treat (because we don’t need so much chocolate – yeah we do)

  1. Gingerbread playdough

This one is great to give as part of a baking themed gift with like an apron or cookie cutters, or both. What I do is, start with the basic recipe then add one tablespoon of ground ginger and two tablespoons of cinnamon. You do not have to add colour to this either because the spices give a lovely ginger-cookie colour

  1. Treasure playdough

Hide all kinds of trinkets in the dough and gift with a tool for kid to dig around with. If you are afraid of the mess then opt for large aquarium jewels, the smooth texture means the dough does not get trapped in nooks and crannies


Playdough is “our thing” what is yours?

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