R200 for four…braai away

When Braaiboy announced his blogger challenge I  was one of those first in line!!! Pick Me Pick Me oh braai master, hehehe.
The thing is I’m known for many things, my cooking is not one of those. The dangers of having a husband who loves cooking, people are so quick to say I’m lazy or incapable when truth be told, I’m just lucky, hehehe.
When I do cook, it’s light lunches and salads and that sort of thing (The twice a week cleaning lady says she doesn’t “get” my green cooking and why don’t we have instant coffee, proper tea or real sugar in this house … anywho…)
So this is my chance to show that I can make actual meals, and on the fire nogal and it’s man size so my dad can stop telling people I’m more of a “first course chef”… (Okay Rob helped alottile hehe)

With our R200 we bought the following which cost us R197.60

So what did I make? (with Rob’s help)

Pear and Apricot Beef sosaties (R74.98)

This was the most costly part of the meal, but each person got two and I have tons of braai sauce left
-Basting sauce
-Dried apricots
-Dried pears
Cut beef into blocks marinate in basting sauce and then put on sosatie sticks, that’s two apricots on each side and pear in the middle… braai

Kudu wors spirals (R21.70)

Just cut wors into sections spiraled it and put on sticks, I’m big on portion size and presentation

Grilled Butternut (R16.99)

I just steamed butternut till tender and braaied to get some nice grill marks and it brings out a yummy no need for seasoning taste

Jacket Potato, potato salad (R25.72)

Pre-boiled potatoes a little then wrapped in foil before braaing. Once tender, I cut open and covered in light mayo and parsley, with salt and pepper to taste… Was awesome because not only does it taste great you are rationed and goodness knows I need to be rationed with potato salad.

Spar Braai Rolls (R20.99)

Because it’s cheaper than buying ingredients for bread and quicker, yeah for quicker

Drumsticks (R25.08)

Not sure what the point is of having them on sticks but that’s how they come and they are called knop kieries

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