Should you join a Yoga Studio?

Michelle is back with some yoga tips 
A yoga haven just for you and your yoga.
Yoga studio surroundings are mostly designed for the comfort and elements of serenity, making it a blissful place to distress and relax. From when you walk through the doors to end, the incense is burning, the candles are lit and your stresses and thoughts of the day starts melting away as you move rhythmically from one yoga pose to the next with no disturbances or outside distractions. It really is just about you and your yoga mat.
That personal touch
I have found that when joining a yoga studio, the teacher wants to know about your ailments, the reason for joining yoga and to build you up to a level of reaching your personal yoga goals. From beginner to advanced, varied yoga classes are available to you and in each of those classes, alternative adjustment to yoga poses are given so that all can enjoy the practise.
Surrounded by yoga enthusiasts
Most individuals join a yoga studio and fall in love with the practise. The longer you are a member, the greater the friendship, the more enjoyable it gets as you see your progression from beginner to intermediate with support and advise from those around you. Beginners are welcomed with open arms and that same passion starts to burn in each and every yogi.
Workshops and Visitors
Yoga studios host yoga teachers from all over the world. Feel Good Yoga recently hosted Simon Rowe from Amsterdam who shared his Prana Yoga Style with us. Most studios offer monthly workshops on subjects to help better each individuals practise or to melt away any insecurities so that members can go deep into their practise with no mental disturbances along the way. You are connected to an active yoga network and wonโ€™t miss out on a single thing.

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