Real WAHMS of SA: Win with Raqual and RubyRose

Today’s WAHM  is Raqual Van Wyk from Ruby Rose designs. She is an extremely talented mother of two and owner of a design and marketing business.  Raqual has this whimsical feel to her designs which will totally steal your heart.

She is sharing the WAHM love today by offering an amazing prize of either a free logo design/makeover OR Facebook campaign worth R550… read about this generous woman and then enter the competition and let her add her flair to your business.

Tell us about your family?
 I am blessed with two young and busy boys – 3 and 6 years old. A loving and supportive husband and a beautiful husky pup. I am outnumbered 4 to 1 on the testosterone scale,

Why did you become a work from home mom?
I left the corporate world on the birth of my second child. I have always had an entrepreneurial streak, and the industry I am in easily allows for flexible working locations. I also love the freedom of being my own boss and setting my own goals, as well as boundaries. If I want to take the afternoon off to take the kids somewhere fun then I don’t have to answer to anyone. It just seemed like the only option.

What was the most unexpected part of becoming a wahm?
Sometimes I wonder which are my most demanding clients – my ‘real’ clients or my children. Many times I am busy seeing to something very ‘mommy-ish’ whilst taking a call from a client with a tight deadline. Prioritising that balance has been a huge challenge and surprise to me.

What has been the hardest part ?
Most certainly the juggling act. I give my best to my children, then to my husband and clients, then to my other responsibilities, and then last on the list is myself. I heard a quote once that owning a business is like having a newborn baby. When they need to eat or sleep, you see to that need immediately. I have had good success with my business, but I do realise that it has come at a cost to my own health and wellbeing at times.

What is the most rewarding?
Being able to treat my kids and husband at times. The extra cash flow certainly helps when it comes to extra lessons and private schooling etc. And also the freedom to take time to spend with my children without having to answer to anyone.

What is your day like ?
I wake up at 6 with everyone and get the kids ready for school. Once they have left with my husband, I grab a slice of toast and immediately sit in front of the computer. I know that I only have a couple hours to cram in as much work as possible before fetching the kids from school. The afternoon is spent with the kids at extra curricular things, or cuddling on the couch watching a movie. After supper time my husband puts the kids to bed and then its off to the computer again to send those last few emails off before collapsing into bed myself.

 Tell us about your business 
I own a small design and Marketing business. My passion is assisting small and start-up businesses establishing their identity and getting their brand out to the world

Where did business idea and name come from ?
I was always the ‘arty’ kid in school and find it extremely rewarding being creative. After studying design my passion for marketing grew from there and I have amalgamated the two into my services as a small agency. Ruby Rose – I just LOVE red and roses, so it only seemed like a natural representation of who I am, which is essentially who I am as a business

What sets you apart 
After working with a number of clients in my career, I would definitely say the relationship that I build with them. I adore my clients and they do me – my referral rate is very high. I feel like I walk a path with my clients as they grow and develop their brand, and really get to know what it is that they want to represent. Eventually there is hardly any guess work involved from my part because I know them so well.
Where do you see it going I am growing quickly and steadily, I will need to make a decision soon about hiring some extra help. One thing is for sure, that I will never let my work priorities come in between my time with my children.

Contact her at:

Now for the competition part…. Ruby Rose is offering one lucky winner a professional logo design! and another lucky winner gets a custom designed advert for Facebook specifically targeting their relevant audiences with a new exposure of about 4500 people!!!

You love us right now don’t you…. Just enter the competition below and comment which prize you would prefer. Logo or FB campaign then check in next Wednesday to find out who won 🙂


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    Raqual from Ruby Rose Designs here. For those who didn't win, but would like assistance with their Logos or Social Media – send me an email at and let me know that you got my details from JustEllaBella. I would like to give all moms from this page a 20% discount on services!

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