Reduced calorie chilli cheese fries

I love chilli cheese fries, like a lot. So when McCain asked me to share another recipe with you guys I instantly knew what direction I was leaning in. I was looking for a way to get all the deliciousness of chilli cheese fries with a little less of the calories and I think I found a way.

As a disclaimer please note that these chilli cheese fries are not a diet meal, it’s definitely not the same caloric intake as a bowl of carrots but it does minimize some of the guilt.

What makes this reduced calorie? Air frying the chips instead of deep frying them. Omitting the sauce which is usually made with flour, butter and milk. Not loading it with anything that adds extra calories. But they are still amazing chilli cheese fries, I swear.

What you need

  • McCain skinny fries
  • Grated cheese (gouda, cheddar and mozzarella are best)
  • Chopped red onion
  • Chopped peppers
  • Spice mix (I use Simple Truth Chipotle rub)

What you do

  • Fry chips in airfryer according to your machine’s specifications (you can use the oven if you don’t have an airfryer)
  • Take the chips out, still in the oven pan
  • Put some spice mix down then half of the onion and peppers
  • Cover with grated cheese
  • Toss the rest of the onions and peppers with a little more spice mix
  • Stick back in the oven until cheese melts

Serve and eat while the cheese is still melty and delicious. For a nacho spin on things I add some avo and cream cheese and believe me it’s soooo worth it.

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