Denny Mushrooms wants to assist local eateries – with our help

Denny Mushrooms is a household name and during these uncertain they are eager to put their money where our mouths are – lame joke, blame cabin fever.

They have launched a project to help our local eateries and you can help

As part of Denny’s Add Goodness project, the company is supporting
local restaurants by drawing attention to their needs brought on by
COVID-19 and shining a light on their struggles.


Restaurants will need to set up a fund on a crowdfunding site of their
choice, if they don’t already have one. Alternatively, Denny willprovide assistance to set up a Back-a-Buddy fund. You can nominate your favourite local eatery to be included on the platform.

Furthermore, we will be able to show support for our favourite local eateries by voting for them. The public voting period will be until midnight on the 23rd of April. The restaurant with the most support will receive R10 000 in their Back-a-Buddy fund and Denny will also provide a free supply of mushrooms to the chosen restaurant for a period of three months. Denny will also encourage communities to support their local restaurant’s fund.


Beyond the Support Your Local initiative, Denny has increased their
donations of mushrooms to communities who are most vulnerable during this time. Amongst these are The Haven Night Shelters, Gift of the Givers and selected old age homes across the country. In the first
week of the lockdown, Denny donated over 10,000 punnets of mushrooms
to those in need, and this number continues to grow daily.

If you read this and a restaurant came to mind go to and support them we need each other right now

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