So who else feels like a play-play adult

In March I will be 30-years-old, and I think it might be a mistake.
Me turning 30 is slightly ridiculous, 30 is the age my mom was when I was doing a primary school assignment which asked of me to interview my parents. By then she had three kids, had left work to become a work at home mom, was making toys ,baking, had the budget down pat , all while looking amazing. She was a grown woman!
Me on the other hand, I pretty much feel like I’m playing dress up. A play adult who although she has a child and a husband and a job  (all the things grown up woman Barbie would most likely come with) I still feel like I’m not really an adult, how could I be?
I still don’t know how to do make-up, my hair still gets the best of me, I suck at doing budgets and I have NOT mastered the art of grocery shopping.
Sometimes I sit in restaurants and watch “real grownups” walk in all styled and organised.
Their kids eat actual food, their nails don’t need a manicure asap, their clothes aren’t having an identity crisis and their eyes aren’t glazed over with exhaustion.
They don’t look half as shocked when referred to as mam, or when asked about insurance choices (uhm can I ask my dad) they seem to be the real deal.
This feeling of play adultness has left me feeling like I must be doing something wrong.
I turned to some girlfriends around my age, all real deals, good  jobs, families, homes,the works, for their advice…How do I go about feeling like a “real adult”.
 The response was overwhelming, even the most styled, organised and adult looking people where feeling like I am.

Play adults just trying to make it through the day. That made me feel better, suddenly I didn’t feel so alone, so what if I’m “playing” at least I’m not alone in my game 😉
Anyone else feeling like a play-play adult

7 thoughts on “So who else feels like a play-play adult

  1. Zayaan says:

    Oh man! I feel like I wrote this post. I'm turning 30 at the end of February and even though I have a 16-month-old I still don't truly feel like an adult. Like I'm just faking it. I suppose we're as old as we feel.

  2. alfinos says:

    Definitely same here. And also no matter how many kids you have it doesn't make you wiser or more of an adult. Three down and I still feel a child but with even less time to sit down and change that.

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