I’m happy/sad/excited/sad because . . .


I’m currently suffering from PMS (presently mental syndrome) it sucks I’ve been happy , sad, angry, teary and excited and that is just from six this morning.
Had an incident yesterday where my interaction with other people was questioned, it was said that I interupt people’s conversations, change topics and don’t listen well (like I’m kinda self involved), I cried for a looooonnnnnnnng time on that one – part PMS, part “omg am I one of those people?!?”
I’m feeling better today, figure that I would have considerably less people want to spend time with me if I was THAT bad. Also most of my friends talk LOTS (sorry, but you do) so I have developed this “my turn, my turn” attitude to get words in edge wise (still sorry if I ever do that to non verbose people,it’s rude and I  don’t mean to) and I realise that there is always room for growth with every person and you are never to old to learn, blah blah blah. . .
Hmmm what was my point, oh ja I’m not in a good mind space, hate being like this, so flippen moody, I’m like our local weather where you need to wear a raincoat with your shorts, WTH!

Wish me luck, this insanity thing I’m suffering from is not working for me! and it makes me EAT EAT EAT (ok I make me EAT EAT EAT, but this is a nice excuse) 🙂

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