Some blog and birthday love

So today’s post is a birthday card of sorts 🙂

I thought I’d share some info on my #ecmeetup co-host Luchae and tell you “our story” (because she has been super emo and I’m hoping you guys will go over to one of her social media pages and share some love)

So I met Luchae through email, before social media was super big around these parts, before fb even (giving away ages here).

You remember those funny quizzes people used to spam mail each other? well we all (my friend Robyn included) loved each others answers and swore we had to meet up.

As girls do we never actually met up, because “we really have to do coffee sometime” is well meaning, but often hard to follow up on.

Then one night we finally chat on Mxit (that age thing again) and we say okay let’s meet and play some pool (we were young and could do things like that at a drop of a hat).

It was sooooooo awkward! we were all awesome “never run out of things to say” friends on email but in real life we were all awkward jokes and “earth swallow us up”.

We decided to meet up again after that (maybe we were all too nice to say, “that was awkward I shan’t be seeing you again”)  and it went better (there were cocktails involved I’m sure) You can actually read a post about her long gone party lifestyle HERE 

Anyways we hit it off and became fast friends the three off us. Then Shay and I  found out we both like to sing A LOT,  ALL THE TIME.

There were parties and mall dates and outfit shopping and clubbing –  this was somewhere 2007ish.

One day she sent pics from her family get together and I was like who is that tall one (granted her whole flippen family is tall)

No comments about how skinny I used to be, thanks, lol

She told me it was her soldier cousin and sent him my details and we got to chatting and liked each other (he is my husband now by the way)

We lost touch briefly (me and her not me and my husband-although we did do long distance marriage thing, I digress)

She was finding herself and I was a lifestyle reporter who was all over the place and then one day we just started chatting again.

The “how” is sketchy because we were so comfortable chatting and stuff that it doesn’t stand out as a life event…

I think now that we are “cousins in law”meeting up was inevitable

We started chatting again, this time on BBM and tried to write a book together (which we just might share someday)

Now we’re both moms (not her first) to strangely similar looking kids and are back to chatting almost every day

She’s a strange one this girl sometimes you will be talking to her in person and you can see her mind drift away (I’m not offended as I have similar problem) , she is belly laugh hilarious, she will belt out a song ANYWHERE especially Mariah and I’m pretty sure she talks to herself.

But she’s really cool and writes a great blog over at

Do check her out and send her some Birthday love

Love you Shaykie

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