What exactly am I waiting for? and you?

Do you feel like you are always waiting?

Is it just me?

Am I the only one on this self created bus stop, glancing at my watch in anticipation of goodness knows what?

Seriously it feels like I’m always waiting!

If it’s not waiting to lose weight so I can finally wear what I want to

It’s waiting to have money to do so and so or go here and there

Other times I’m waiting for my hair to grow out from this awkward length

Or I’m waiting on contracts and deals so I can have security

I wait on orders  and wait for more capital before I try new designs

I wait on my blog numbers to increase before I promote it too much

I wait for my camera to be fixed before I take nice pics (even though I have a secondary camera I could use)

I wait to lose weight before I put myself out there

So much darn waiting on who knows what.

This year, the one where I now have to click yes in the dreaded (31+) box on forms I decided to stop waiting so much.

It started with the trip with my friends (something I would usually decline because I’m waiting for a better time)…then planning the #ecmeetup (despite feeling like I’m not nearly a “big enough blogger” to pull something like this off – only two tickets left, take THAT cynical Eleanor)…then I bought a  jacket I really wanted (despite feeling like I should not be rewarding this body which does not seem to want to shrink regardless of the effort put in from my side). Even with my blog I decided to stop waiting… one of my blog crushes, Megan from By Megan Kelly , introduced me to these awesome bloggers who could not be more different if they were the actual spice girls and they have taught me so much in a short period of time. Positive Peer Pressure #FTW

I’m trying to stop waiting so much, stop making so many excuses

JUST DO THE THING! That was my gran’s mantra “doen die ding”

Procrastination/excuses/waiting has become my crutch and I’m gonna throw it down even if it means hobbling along for a bit.

Is there something you are waiting for? Is it worth the wait

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4 thoughts on “What exactly am I waiting for? and you?

  1. Laura says:

    YES YES YES! This year we are just doing! David and I sit here depressed because we can't do this or that but we are now just doing it – our veggie garden will be up by the end of the month. We are both making moves to start our own business! WE are facing fears!!!!

  2. MandylGraham says:

    I still do this. I was eating something I really shouldn't the other day and my brain was like, the last time before… It used to be before my birthday, then Charly's birthday, and on and on. And I suddenly realised there is no thing that I am waiting for and that I needed to own up and admit I was eating a double white bread peanutbutter sarmie just because. And if I was waiting for something, I wasn't quite sure what it was. Well done you on all your successes and all your chance taking <3 I am so glad it is working out for you, it couldn't happen for a nicer person xx

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