Natural hair problems: When wash and go is a no…

Today’s Natural girl featue is a brand new fashion blogger on the block, Eridene, better known as Deenah from Journey with Deenah. If she looks familiar you might have seen her on stage amazing the audience with that epic voice of hers.

Deenah has been natural for a year now and has learnt that a wash and go is not a given…

DEENAH: At the beginning of 2017, when my hair was lifeless after a relax, blow-dry and flat-iron, I made the decision that that would be the last time I relax my hair. I didn’t give much thought to the fact that I was now joining a small community of people who was trying to cause a big wave. LOL.

One thing nobody told me about this is “movement” is that its no easy task. Its freaking hard work. Also, I expected to have these HUGE bouncy curls. My hair was like “That’s a strong “no” from me”. The biggest part of becoming natural was embracing the fact that my hair is as unique as I am. I have super coily, but super soft hair. And detangling is not painful at all, but because my curl is so tight, it takes really long and I have to be super patient. Also, my hair is not great for a wash and go because thanks to shrinkage, I end up with a TWA after about 30 minutes.

I can honestly say that I have never gotten frustrated with this journey. I love looking after my body so I just saw it as another way to be healthy (on my head, that is). I’ve never felt like I should just relax my hair because it was too burdensome. But Wash Day requires a decent internal pep talk y’all, for all of us. I like to do a dry set on my hair, meaning that I roll in it with normal “rollers” so that it dries properly throughout the night. Then for the days following, I either roll it with flexi rods every night or I just pop on my silk bonnet.

I have a few go-to hairstyles: I pin up the sides and let my curls pop down the middle of my head, or I make two flat twists in front to keep the hair out of my face. But my favourite has to be a pineapple style. I pin everything halfway up (sides and back) and leave the part on top of my head in bushy curls. Depending on how I feel, I even throw in a cute scarf sometimes.

One thought on “Natural hair problems: When wash and go is a no…

  1. Laura says:

    I love this series.
    I am trying to get Kiara to love her hair. She wears it in a bun all day every day so I am encouraging her to wear it down for at least 30 min every day.
    Yesterday it was down and for the first time she said “look how nice my hair is” 🙂

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