Such a lucky boy (lucky parents really)

My colleagues had a super cool baby shower for us yesterday 🙂 complete with the best brownies and cupcakes I have had in ages…nom nom nom
My rounded figure is clearly not only baby related *I will need to hit the gym HARD later this year*

Anyways, Aidan is such a blessed little boy…With last year’s medical and funeral costs running quite high, Rob and I were slightly worried if we would be able to purchase all the “must-haves” in time , but as always , God used our amazing friends to provide 🙂
From baby wipes and THE cutest outfits to a vibrating musical chair…We are now pretty much ready for his arrival…not quite….but WAY more than we were a day ago (seriously we didn’t even have a single nappy)

A GIANT THANK YOU to my co-workers, was so great to see the same people who got together to support us in our sadness  there to celebrate with us in our joy. (people who had the day off even came in…)
 It makes us feel extremely blessed

How special is this blanket…I have my boys’ names together…
cant help but feel a lil teary eyed every time I look at it
 (in a good way though)
Woah! seeing myself like this is CRAZY! baby got back! and front and all around
Gift opening time…. yeah
Yes I do sit like a man these days…hehehe


4 thoughts on “Such a lucky boy (lucky parents really)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will stay nameless here…but I differ Shauna, the new boy which I assume is Aidan will be living in Logans (or visa versa, not sure about the names) shadow for as long as all this is still around him! I dont say forget and move on, but I do say – start a fresh, this is a new blessing!

  2. JustEllaBella says:

    I totaly understand what you are saying and we intend to take every care to have Aidan be Aidan completely free of who and what Logan was (would hate for him to feel less than). The blanket is the only thing of that sort we have (which I think was a nice gift, but not the norm around the house at all)… Aidan's toys…clothes…decor…preperations for his life are unique to him as he is unique to us and we seriously can't wait to meet him…
    Aidan is in no way a replacement, he is a gift we cant wait to "unwrap"
    Thanx for commenting, love interacting with readers 🙂

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