Maternity leave . . . Now what?

This is my last week at work before I’m home for just over four months and the idea freaks me out. I’m not referring to the late nights, the feeds and the screaming baby, NOPE, I’m referring to the month before he gets here, the month I’m scheduled to be home and REST! That freaks me out. I started working as soon as I turned 16, first doing various temp admin jobs and then in retail, I worked through holidays and during weekends and I have become accustomed to a week off here and a week off there, but never being able to do the long holiday thing with my family…and it was fine, work gave me a sense of purpose and gave my over active mind something to think about…now I’m set for a month of doing nothing! Everyone tells me I need it, that with my medical history it’s best for me and baby which is all good and well and I’m willing to stay at home but THEN WHAT! What shall I be doing with my time?
The baby room is fixed up, his bag is packed…what now? Repack his cupboard, reread the baby magazines, make lists for all the lists I have, freak out that every gas bubble could be indicating preterm labour?
I’ve lined up some craft projects to help with my “pending boredom” but I’m just soooo exhausted and uncomfortable I can’t really do anything productive…my stomach is quite big (big baby, small torso does that – feel like a poodle pregnant with Great Dane puppies) and everyday tasks become quite the pain. Seriously can’t reach most things even when Rob isn’t watching me like a hawk…So what now? What will I be doing while I wait for our lil babe to arrive? Blog I guess…and annoy my mother 😉
Have a great week guys . . . and wish me luck…maybe this is Gods way of teaching me patience, I know I sure as heck need the lessons J

(PS. to the people who find it annoying when I’m not chipper 24/7, you can suck it 😉 – because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind)

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