All aboard the decor ship

I have 19 days left at work, and that is counting today 🙂 much like the wait to D day it feels both , really soon and really far… I’m at the “uncomfortable phase” of pregnancy where you only sleep long enough to have a weird dream…so I for one would not mind a little trip into the future I know I still wont have time to sleep, but at least I will feel less blimp like…also I’m just REALLY excited to meet our little boy.

Speaking of…We finally decided on a theme for the baby room. Up to now I’ve just been making neutral things in the hopes that a “look” would jump out at me and guess what, it has 🙂 We going NAUTICAL

Over the next few weeks (We have 9 weeks till he is here, but I’m getting really big and uncomfortable so things need to be done way before then) my mom and I (Rob doing heavy lifting) will be fixing up the baby room which for now looks like the Rugrats are having a garage sale…
 I’m so lucky to have a mom who is really into decor and who can sew WELL 🙂

Any who our theme is nautical and here is the before picture as well as some looks off the net I am drawing inspiration from….


 Pictures from:


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