Super easy Christmas crafts

I love Crafting 🙂 seriously just yesterday some of my Christmas crafts were featured on All4Women and Beauty&TheBaby Blog . SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT!

I’ve been very tight on time though VERY TIGHT is doing well this holiday season (So thankful) but it means I am having to work overtime making things for other people which leaves very little time for crafting for fun.

So in comes these quick crafts, because making things might be an addiction:


These are super cute and easy and as you can see it works on a variety of gift packages
– My two year old designed these so you can certainly go way more glam
(He got all, NO MOMMY NO IT’S FINISHED when I tried to add to it)


All you need are little plain cards, pegs and glitter glue
I used this really awesome rainbow glitter glue from Bostik  It is soooo much easier and cleaner than loose glitter and the chubby size is ideal for little hands. Bostik sent us some supplies so you will be seeing their products in quite a few mommy and me crafts I’m sure
All you need to do is cover a peg in glitter glue and then decorate a card with either the same or coordinating glitter glue. Leave to dry and TAH DAH!!!
 I’m trying to  teach Aidan about giving to others and this makes him feel part of the experience, seeing as he can’t pay for/or make the gifts himself yet. So similar tags will be used on the gifts we are delivering to church for the charity drive this week.



Aidan received a personalized ornament as a gift last year.
When we put up the tree last night it really bothered him that Rob and I didn’t have our names on so I pulled out my craft box and came up with this. Not bad for an after thought, lol

You need letter stickers (I’m all out of As now, hmmm) and baubles
All you do is peel and stick 🙂 for extra security paint over with clear nail polish 🙂

*Happy Crafting 🙂

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