When we #sharethebay, quite literally

You may have noticed that I like to #sharethebay. Meaning I like to show off the city in blog posts and social media…I’m proudly NMB and the #ECMeetup proves that there is much to be proud of.

Since day one, when Lu and I decided to give this blogger meetup thing a go, we have been embraced and supported by the city. She talks about our day one homies (nope I am definitely not street enough to make that work) over on her blog today. Meanwhile, I want to chat about the new guys…

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#ECmeetup blogging expert Megan Kelly Botha welcomes your questions

What do you do when you hear that Megan Kelly Botha, arguably the most influential blogger in the Eastern Cape is packing her (probably fabulously  colour coordinated) bags and winging her way to South America? You nab her as a speaker at the #ECMeetup before her plane takes off, that’s what.

The parenting and beauty blogger juggles an online presence with a large following,  a booming online business (which she runs with her husband)  and two boisterous boys, but has never the less agreed to answer all our nagging questions, in fact she welcomes it.

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Our first family vlog (with FatAttack Beach Rides)

So I have decided to start a family vlog. I like video and love watching YouTube but when it comes to me myself, I’m not good with scripted stuff. Well, I was good enough to pass the video course at University with flying colours (throw a brag in there) but when it comes to my blog I prefer to just be “what you see is what you get” (also time constraints, guys!) This prompted the idea of doing a family vlog. I have a few fun things coming up this festive season so I thought, hey why not invite you into the Meyers Meanders for the next few weeks.

So I film on my phone, cut and paste and you get to see what we get up to and hopefully get a few ideas of things to do…Like riding a special bike on the sand…

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Kid & wallet friendly places in Nelson Mandela Bay

I’m a Nelson Mandela Bay girl…my heart is in Uitenhage and  Port Elizabeth and I make no secret of it. Yes I’ll fly somewhere else (I get car sick, it’s not pretty) but ultimately here is where I like to hang out. I especially like wallet friendly places

If you are planning on visiting our neck of the woods, you can easily do so on a budget, start by getting your plane ticket with cheap flights and then visit the following budget conscious places.


I’m listing seven kid and wallet friendly places to hang out in Nelson Mandela Bay because one day is not nearly enough to take it all in.

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Restoring my skin with Rain Africa

So Rain Africa has come to town (Walmer Park Shopping Centre to be exact) and I’m ridiculously excited, so excited I decided to try out three of their moisturisers to see if their handmade products made using natural ingredients with African origins could be the answer to my insanely dry skin.


When I say insanely dry I’m talking, chalkboard ashy. Winter really did a number on me, I have been looking into spa treatments in lieu of a skin transplant.

But before I could get around to it Rain Africa opened in Port Elizabeth and generously became sponsors of #ECMeetup. I had heard amazing things about them up to this point…Like:

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