Who wants to win with Koosh Toosh?

Today I’m adding Koosh Toosh to the prize bag, you’re welcome. For those who don’t know what they are thankful for, allow me to introduce you to a local(Port Elizabeth based)  kids decor/accessories company that is already making waves despite only being in business for a few months.

The company started in April this year when childhood friends Tammy and Lee-Anne decided to go into business together.

“My manager showed me this pillow bed she had bought for her son, and she raved about how it was the best gift he has received. She then mentioned that I should look into making these for an extra income. I raced to Tammy and her mom, pitched the idea, we all were excited and here we are,” said Lee

It has been full steam ahead for the team since that initial meeting.

“The best thing about this business is seeing things fall into place. When you have a vision and a team that supports each other,” she said

Supporting each other and other local companies is a big part of Koosh Toosh’s “game plan”

“Even though we are in a tough industry, we are all about supporting other local brands and making new friends in this business. We have received such amazing support from companies like The Little Closet, KidCoco, Heartfelt designs, etc”

Koosh Toosh supplies things like hooded blankets, floor beds, feeding pillows, all hand crafted by fellow moms in the Bay.

They are giving one lucky winner one of those pillow beds that basically started the business for them.

All you need to do to enter is go show them some love on Instagram or Facebook and comment below which of their products makes your day….

Remember this prize will be added to a box that now contains:….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady.  Hasbro, Mastertons


10 thoughts on “Who wants to win with Koosh Toosh?

  1. Andrea Thomas says:

    I love the pillow beds!!! They are so cute! My girls love camping out in their tents at home! This will be a great addition to their sleeping bag upgrade!

  2. Kelly Jennings says:

    Omw a floor bed really!?!? Hahha i need these for my children esp if they have friends over or they want to build forts and tents

  3. Jill Groenewald says:

    The floor beds are super cool, but also really like the retro coloured hoodie blankets… my kids will go crazy for any of these awesome products!

  4. Nicole says:

    This would come in so handy as Kayla (21 months) prefers to watch her fave movie – Boss Baby! – while lying flat on her back on the floor. 😀

  5. lauren george says:

    I think my husband would be fighting with my nieces and nephews over this floor bed. I would love to give it to them as a Christmas gift!

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