Ten things about me, blog challenge

Thought it’s about time
to do one of these filly outy thingies…Hope the bloggers I challenged will join
1.What is your favourite tv show?
 I change this sooooooo often, I’m very fickle,but you can be sure it’ll be something funny…At the moment I’m loving Men AtWork
2. what is your favourite color?
Blue! I love all shades of blue
3. What is your favourite food?
I love brownies, good brownies mind you, not cake with an identity crisis
4.Who is your role model?
I don’t have one role model, it’s more like I admire people for different qualities, like confidence in one person and business sense in another
5. What is your favourite vintage find?
I have a polka dot clutch my late aunt gave me, it is a def fav!
6. What product is your favourite to make?
It changes a lot, but  now it’s probably play dough, it’s just so easy and so many variations! I can make glittery or scented and I have enough little ones to appreciate it
7. Vintage or New?
I like vintage things and new things that like vintage for that matter
8. What hair colour do you wish you had?
I want a goldy brown that doesn’t make me look washed out…one day
9. What is your favourite blog?
I have a blog list on here, but mostly I like blogs that show someone’s life-I’m a stalker like that
10. Which 2 bloggers would you like to challenge?
I’m going with local girls Salama @ http://sal-b.tumblr.com/  Odette @ www.osoinspired.com/‎  and Charlie 

Happy Monday all

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