Actually No, I won’t stay in my lane

I’ve stayed in my lane FOR YEARS seriously did a whole post on it (sorta) for Ruth’s blog

But recently I find myself giving the lane allocators the stink eye

I don’t want to be in my lane, also who allocates lanes?

I usually try not to cause a fuss… I’m the girl who will eat and pay for food that I actually find appalling

Me:*gag* *gag*

Waitor: is everything alright mam

Me: *sweet smile and nod yes* while mentally chastising myself for lack of backbone – I don’t want my food spit on though so that’s my excuse

I’ll apologise to the rude people in the shops that ram into me with their shopping trolley
“I’m so sorry my 1.5m frame was in your way and that I seem to have dirtied your shopping trolley with my blood-I do apologise”

I even apologise to the ones who stand so close to me in the queue at the shops that I’m one swift move away from piggy backing them
“Do stand a little closer, personal space is for sissies who believe all that germ whoopla”

But this year I’m on a different trip.
I’ve looked at my lane and thought… who exactly put me here?
Was it me? Did I decide that I’m meant to sit at the back of the class and not raise my hand?
Did I subject my opinions to becoming second class citizens while being subjected to the opinions of others (and joh some of those opinions would be better kept to themselves… “allow me to forget you said that and not lose respect for you”)

A few days ago while waiting at those “one at a time doors” at the bank this woman litterally – I kid you not – pushed me out of the way and opened the door so she could go in. I grabbed the door smiled sweetly (kinda peeing myself at this point) and told her, I believe it’s my turn.

It is soooo liberating to finally DO ME!
To accept that I love burgers BUT you can keep the bun

To accept that I love shoes but you will find me barefoot 75% of the time
I realized I have opinions but I also don’t mind being proven wrong

I LOVE learning about other people but I also don’t care all that much about celebs (at all to be honest) or any of the popular shows
Sorry guys but Game of what , Grey’s who and Hunger when?

I can do so much more than I ever gave myself credit for
I’m not infallible, just ask me to put on eye pencil or drive in peak traffic to get first hand experience of my fallibility
But the really cool thing is that I finally get that I don’t have to be what others want me to be.
I can take a little from every lane and make my own path and damit that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing.

Here’s to blazing our own paths

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