Three ingredient coconut ice – two ways

I found and tweaked a three ingredient coconut ice recipe which will make you the hostest with the mostest and think,jinne you wouldn’t say it but that Eleanor girl knows what’s up.

This isn’t vegan or sugar free but it’s yummy, easy and makes great gifts.

The two ways in question takes the recipe from three ingredients to four, there’s a third way to do it, actually there are many ways to do it, so play around and find your flavour.

Three ingredient coconut ice recipe

what you need

  1. half a tin of condensed milk
  2. 2 cups of icing sugar
  3. 200g bag of desiccated coconut

what you do

  1. Mix the condensed milk with sieved icing
  2. Mix in coconut
  3. Turn it into a dough
  4. Roll out into a baking sheet
  5. Cut into bars
  6. Let set for at least 3 hours
  7. share so you don’t eat it all and so people know how awesome you are

the variations I did

  1. mix in ground cardamon for birfi inspired coconut ice
  2. Cover in chocolate for a Bounty bar dupe

– more ideas

  1. Two colour layers by mixing food colouring into half your batch
  2. Mix in 100s and thousands for a unicorn vibe
  3. Make into balls for truffles

2 thoughts on “Three ingredient coconut ice – two ways

  1. Bashira says:

    Jeez and I needed a coconut ice recipe 2 weeks ago. I do the coconut and condensed milk dipped in chocolate a lot because I love coconut . I’m happy the recipe requires no stove time. Thanx

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