Reasons to buy proudly South African (win a Opal Jay babygrow)

Liam is now the proud owner of an Opal Jay babygrow, which is definitely one of the best babygrows I have ever seen. I am not saying this just because they sent it to us to review, I promise, I’m not even saying this because one lucky reader will get one of their own, I am saying it because this thing has so many features, it’s like a fancy sports car of the baby wear world…is that a thing?

I mean the sleeves and the cuffs flip over to make gloves and socks! The zip location means you don’t have to fully undress you baby to change his bum. The material is ridiculously soft and the designs are striking. Def not mass produced to follow the latest trend, type stuff…

The brand is obviously heavily influenced by the owner’s experiences as moms because it’s so functional and funky.

It took us a while to get Liam in to a Opal Jay babygrow, see, it was stolen out of the car, when someone decided to redecorate (break in our window) and declutter our car(take everything not glued down)

The creators of the Opal Jay brand , sisters Leigh-Ann and Natalie, went out of their way to replace it in like a day, I mean how cool is that of them? Their super helpfulness and, quite frankly, niceness also reminded me why I love buying local.

 the main reasons I go proudly SA as often as possible…

1. Support your neighbours

You are creating jobs locally, seriously, by supporting a local company you are helping put food on a neighbours table, how cool is that.

2. Go green

Less importing means a lower carbon footprint and who doesn’t want to do their part for the planet?

3. Local is lekker

Local products are designed/created with the local market in mind…there are certain things unique to the South African climate and even cultures, local products take that into consideration.

4. Better service

Local companies mean local connections, actual people you can voice your grievances to and they are usually more than happy to assist.

This is the case with Opal Jay , a lot of love has gone into creating the perfect garments just for your tiny tot.

opal jay

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